Mahseer Fly Fishing in Thailand and Malaysia.

We are pleased to offer a unique fly fishing experience for the indigenous Mahseer in the pristine jungles of Thailand, Malaysia and in West Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. The adventure of fly fishing in South East Asia’s finest under-explored rivers is a truly unique and unforgettable endeavor.

Crystal clear jungle streams offer the magical opportunity to sight cast to Mahseer. The first time you witness a large Mahseer rise in a gin-clear pool and attack your fly after a perfect presentation, you will certainly find the sheer excitement and rewarding feeling unforgettable. Your guides have spent over twenty years exploring the remote Thai and Malaysian jungles and are pleased to offer year-round Mahseer dry fly and nymph fishing in areas that very few fly fishermen ever go or even know exist. The Mahseer species we target on fly are: Thai Mahseer (Tor Tambroides, in Malaysia called kelah and Empurau on Borneo) and the Stracheyi Mahseer (Tor Stracheyi) and the Soro Mahseer (Tor Tambra). They are only found in clear, clean mountain rivers in Thailand, Indonesia and in Malaysia. Feeding habits closely mimic the Brown trout but speed and strength are more comparable to a bonefish. The experience is enhanced by tropical weather, Southeast Asian hospitality, superb cuisine, excellent custom tackle and flies, and guides with the unmatched skills and experience. The fly fishing adventure of a lifetime awaits.

The Cheow Lan 2017 Headwater fly fishing trips will be between Nov 6 and Dec 17 this year. This is the peak season for big Mahseer in the streams in the Cheow Lan area rivers headwaters.